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How to defend your self without legal problems

I do not know if you follow the news and all the articles about self defense and the legal consequences, but it seems to me that self defense is more and more an issues that is in the news and more specific ends up in a courtroom.

A few decades or even years ago the legal rulings in the case of self defense were most of the time very simple and fast. If you attack someone and get your ass kicked you deserved it.

Lately there are so many case that ends up to a jury decision and sometimes even makes the attacker into the victim that it is hard to figure out what to do anymore and not get in any legal problem when you defend yourself or you loved ones.

The use of a gun is almost no longer an option unless you have very good legal presentation and think two hundred times before pulling the trigger.
The stress and adrenaline rush makes this almost impossible that is why it is in my opinion a good option to look at some other methods for self defense.

There are a few other options available that are not so efficient as a gun, but legally better to defend in a court room.
I have asked a lot of people about what they think of as an effective non lethal self defense weapon and I have done a lot of research online to find a very popular solution that serves a double purpose.

The item that I fond to be very effective, affordable and in most states legal to use is something that you can find in this flashlight stun gun review on a very trustful website called C&E Security and can be found online.

Reason I recommend this kind of non lethal self defense weapon is like I mentioned before the effectiveness in combination with price and legal options.

The other reason for this is the face that is always a good idea to carry a flashlight in your car, or when taking the dog for a walk or even if you are jogging or walking.
Most people recognize the crackling sound of a stun gun from many law enforcement shows and have seen the effectiveness of them on these shows.
No attacker will keep on going when he hears the sound and sees the sparks coming from you so innocent looking flashlight.

I hope that this article will help you make the decision to carry a self defense weapon on you all the time and to thinks about the option of the many non lethal but effective options available to protect ourselves without ending in a court room and waiting for a jury decision.